Improvisation Workshop

With Ha! Man from South Africa, an amazing cellist and improviser who invites everyone to play in a unique and inspiring way at all levels.  He travels all over the world and we went to a workshop last year and I was so impressed with the imaginative and joyful way that he made music with the children that I asked him to come to us while he is in the UK.  It’s very hard to encapsulate what he does in to a website but do have a look here.  I feel extremely confident in saying that all students, whatever their skill or confidence in improvising will have a wonderful time.

at the music room, Steiner School

Monday 20th March

4.30-5.30 Books 1-3 group
5.30-6.30 Advanced group
Cost is £8 per student.
He had very limited availablity so I have booked him to come on MONDAY 20th MARCH at 4.30-5.30 for the book 1-3 students and 5.30-6.30 for the advanced students.  This replaces the 5th group session for the term.  I am sorry that it is a Monday as I know it interferes with individual lessons for some of you (which we can rearrange for that week) and other activities that you may be doing. I can only say that it will be worth it!  I am holding places for all students so please do let me know if you are not able to come to this session as I will offer the place to other students from other teachers.