As a “mature” viola beginner, I value Andrew’s patient and supportive style, his quick identification of technical issues and his clear articulation of how to deal with them.

May 2024

Andrew is a wonderful violin teacher.  Violin is an instrument that needs consistent practice and patience so I had been searching for a violin teacher who teaches not only violin skills, but a teacher who can inspire my child in music and help build a passion for the instrument.  I am grateful that I have found a teacher as calm, patient, friendly and knowledgeable as Andrew. 

May 2024

I would recommend Andrew to anyone regardless of age or skill level.


April 2024

I absolutely love my lessons with Andrew. He has a luminous musicality which he brings to everything, even scales in three octaves. He is fun, encouraging, confidence building, exacting and inspiring. I’m ancient and hadn’t played the violin for five decades and still I’m improving!


May 2024

His focused and attentive teaching has been pivotal in J’s development as a violinist. His guidance has significantly shaped J’s abilities and confidence.
His consistent dedication ensures that each lesson is thorough, with a strong emphasis on technique and accuracy. This has prepared J well for various performances in varying orchestras and ensembles. His ongoing support and commitment to her progress are evident in every aspect of her playing. 

May 2024

I can’t recommend Andrew enough. I think he’s an excellent teacher for all ages because he is very responsive to your learning style; I’ve seen him teach other people very differently to me but while still being incredibly polished and astute.
He is an expert when it comes to all things violin/viola but one of biggest strengths is that he encourages you to come to your own conclusions and develop your own style, with the proper guidance. This allows you be creative and learn to be more independent but also to not lose your way. He has a great attention to detail but also knows when to move onto something new so you don’t get bogged down by skills you lack (that you will just develop with time and practice) which keeps you focused on development rather than a binding perfectionism. He approaches his lessons with humour and enthusiasm while being serious and focused on your development.
It’s a very personal choice picking a teacher but I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try a lesson with him no matter what level or age you are.

May 2024

Andrew Gillett

Born in West Devon, Andrew’s early studies were with Colin Sauer (violin) and Keith Lovell (viola), members of the celebrated Dartington String Quartet. He went on to study at the Royal College of Music and the Hochschule für Musik in Frankfurt, Germany.  He is an experienced orchestral musician but chamber music has always been the main focus of his musical life and as well as playing in string quartets, he is a blog author writing about the quartet repertoire and other related topics.

He also enjoys being involved in contemporary music groups and plays Baroque viola in Devon Baroque. Andrew has worked in film and television, as well as in touring bands for Russell Watson and Katherine Jenkins. He is also an occasional fiddler at ceilidhs.

As a teacher, Andrew has taught at Exeter School for many years and has a busy private teaching practice in Totnes and online (with pupils in this country and elsewhere) teaching adults and young people from beginners to diploma level on both violin and viola.

An introductory lesson (free) is a good place to start, for pupil and teacher to meet, establish an awareness of the teaching style and discuss expectations around progress.

The paramount aim is to enjoy music making and playing music, with good technique helping to make this all possible.