Composing the Melody for the Grade 5 theory

This is an incredibly useful checklist given to me by another teacher for getting top marks in the “writing a melody” section of the Grade 5 theory.  It really works!

You are given 2 bars and have to extend it to 8 bars long.

  1. write in the required number of bar lines with double bar at end.
  2. for bar 4 – write a long note on the dominant that lasts the whole of the bar
  3. copy out bars 1 and 2 in bars 5 and 6
  4. put in last note which is the tonic for the whole of the last bar.
  5. clap bars 1 and 2 and think of similar rhythm for bar 3 that follows on.  Write the rhythm above the stave.
  6. Do the same for bars 5 -8
  7. write in notes for bars 3 and 7 using the new rhythm and move by step to the long note in bar 4 and 8.
  8. Add all markings:   tempo at beginning (moderato?) , dynamics, and rall at end.  Add bowing if stringed instrument or breath marks if singer or woodwind.
  9. Add a pause over the last note for that extra mark!