Ornaments (Grade 5 theory)

Do you know your appoggiatura from your acciaccatura?

Ornaments are special symbols written into music to make it sound more decorated. They occur mostly in music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras. You just have to learn the names of these ornaments.

trill-symbol Trill trill
Appoggiatura Appoggiatura (takes half the value of the note after)(a-po-ja-TU-ra) Appoggiatura in full
Upper mordent Upper mordent (play the note and the note above) Upper mordent infull
Lower mordent Lower mordent (play the note and the note below) Lower mordent in full
Acciaccatura Acciaccatura (quick)(a-cha-ka-TU-ra) Acciaccatura in full
Turn Upper Turn (goes to the note above before the note below) Turn in full

Learn your ornaments here and then test yourself here.